Potek bolezni pri bolnicah s HER-2 pozitivnim rakom dojk
Clinical course of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients


  • Domen Ribnikar
  • Špela Fink
  • Snježana Frković-Grazio Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Hotimir Lešničar Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Aleksander Sadikov


HER-2 positive breast cancer, breast cancer


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Abstract (Eng)

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women. The course and efficiency of breast cancer treatment are influenced by several factors. The expression of HER-2 protein and HER-2 gene is gaining in strength in breast cancer management. The aim of our study was to compare the course of HER-2 positive with HER-2 negative disease. In median time of 2.5 years DFS (disease-free-survival) of patients with HER-2 positive tumours was 76.1%, and 93.4% for patients with HER-2 negative disease. HER-2 status was the strongest prognostic factor for DFS (p<0.001) in the multivariate model, ranking before nodal status, PR status and age of patients. We may conclude that patients with HER-2 positive disease have worse survival regardless ofnodal status.



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Ribnikar, D., Fink, Špela, Frković-Grazio, S., Lešničar, H., & Sadikov, A. (2008). Clinical course of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients. Onkologija : A Medical-Scientific Journal, 12(2), 94–98. Retrieved from https://revijaonkologija.si/Onkologija/article/view/393



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