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  • Vesna Zadnik Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Maja Primic-Žakelj Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana


SLORA, Slovenia, registers, Oncology


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Abstract (Eng)

Cancer registration in Slovenia has a long tradition. The Cancer Registry of the Republic of Slovenia was founded at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in 1950; it is one of the oldest population-based cancer registries in Europe. Cancer incidence, prevalence and survival data are collected and published for more than 60 years and traditionally distributed to users in the form of printed annual reports and technical papers. Last year, a novelty was introduced in the field of data dissemination and presentation: an interactive website called SLORA was activated on the web address The principle objective of the SLORA interactive web portal is to provide public health and clinical professionals, health care organizations, civil society associations, the media and general public with a simple but complete up-to-date overview of cancer burden in Slovenia, EU and worldwide. In addition, it is aimed to offer some additional content and credible information on the risk factors and possible ways to prevent cancer. This information is important for planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of oncological primary and secondary prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, as well as for planning the resources (personnel, medical equipment, bed capacity …), and for clinical and epidemiological research.



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