Klinične poti onkološkega genetskega svetovanja in testiranja na Onkološkem inštitutu Ljubljana
Clinical pathways for cancer genetic counselling and testing at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana

  • Mateja Krajc Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Alenka Vrečar Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Simona Hotujec Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Srdjan Novaković Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
Keywords: cancer genetic counselling, clinical pathways


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Abstract (Eng)

Four clinical pathways for patient management have been prepared within the scope of the Cancer Genetic Counselling and Testing Clinic. In the preparation of clinical pathways, we focused on the patient as the basic guideline for the establishment of the management algorithm. The objectives of clinical pathways for cancer genetic counselling and testing do not differ from clinical pathways in other areas. They represent the basis for equal management of patients, the basis for improving continuously the quality of management, and they also enable the measurement of management effectiveness. The health care system considers the safe and quality treatment of each patient to be the highest value and priority of all providers of health services. The manner in which the health services are provided is of utmost importance: the approach to patient management must be based on scientific evidence and uniform within each single health organisation. Such approach is enabled by the use of clinical pathways.
Patient management has been changing continuously, depending on the management doctrine. Within the framework of multi-disciplinary meetings, it is also subject to constant amendments and improvements. The clinical pathways for cancer genetic counselling are being improved continuously, thus they are not a static document but a live substance constructed daily to improve the quality of patient management.
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Krajc, M., Vrečar, A., Hotujec, S., & Novaković, S. (2012). Clinical pathways for cancer genetic counselling and testing at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana. Onkologija : A Medical-Scientific Journal, 16(1), 18-20. Retrieved from https://revijaonkologija.si/Onkologija/article/view/227
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