Slikovne preiskave pri raku debelega črevesa in danke
Colorectal cancer imaging


  • Maja Marolt-Mušič Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Miha Čavlek Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana
  • Kristijana Hertl Onkološki inštitut, Ljubljana


imaging, colon cancer, rectal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer


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Abstract (Eng)

According to the adopted Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Colorectal Cancer, US of the abdomen and x-ray of chest organs are sufficient in investigating patients with newly detected colorectal carcinoma.
If suspecting remote metastases, it is necessary to perform computed tomography (CT) of the chest and abdomen. Prior to the examination, the patient must take 1,000 ml of dilute contrast agent, after i.v. application of an ionic contrast agent. Imaging of the chest and, after 25 to 30 sec, the upper abdomen is performed, followed by imaging of the abdomen in the portal phase of liver opacification (70 sec after contrast agent application). Usually, we perform 5-mm reconstructions are performed in the transverse, coronal and sagittal planes, and also 10-mm MIP reconstructions.
Using CT, we are able to assess the size and position of the tumour, extension of the tumour into the adjacent structures, presence of pathologically altered lymph nodes and remote metastases.



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